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Naty Jane is a pop-rock universe, with a hint of gospel and magnificent melodies!


An established Swiss artist, she has hundreds of concerts to her credit as a Covers singer. Naty Jane unveils her own universe, full of emotion and excitement, with compositions written in all sincerity.


Her admiration for bands such as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and Def Leppard led her to write these tracks, which have a distinct 80s rock-fm feel.


The album's lead track, “My Baby”, was born of a raw feeling that is well known in our society... Living with a narcissistic pervert is a pain from which one emerges a little shaken, but generally stronger. And that's exactly what this track invites you to do... enter the story, experience the cruel loneliness in the face of the unacceptable, then take your courage in both hands and say goodbye... and that's when it all begins...


Naty Jane worked on this album in collaboration with Chris Matthey from RoyalStudios in Lausanne, a talented guitarist, experienced composer, extraordinary sound engineer, incredible producer and vocal coach with a sharp ear.

"My Baby" video clip on YouTube !
A short extract from "My Baby" in public !
On all digital music platforms !
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