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Naty Jane


Naty Jane, it is a warm and sincere voice, an artist who pshares his passion with his audience in a generous way. She is a fighter who will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams.

Make your dreams come true... To get there, you have to work hard, improve, learn and lead your life at the same time. It's a long road, sometimes strewn with pitfalls but most often beautiful musical encounters. Today, Naty Jane is surrounded by extraordinary musicians who accompany her on a superb musical journey.


Studies... Naty Jane is an autodidact. Since her earliest childhood, she has been immersed in an artistic world. She was able to soak up the talent of the artists around her and she was able to develop her voice and find her breathing technique by getting on the boards in various events. Today, she teaches singing with all her heart, her beautiful energy and the passion that inhabits her!

The stage... She feels at home there! At the first kick of the bass drum, she knows that something extraordinary is going to happen! Whether for private or public parties, each time the magic happens and beautiful vibrations emerge!

His team... Over the years, she rubbed shoulders with experienced musicians and some of them are part of "Team Naty Jane". In her passion, she founded groups ranging from duos to sextets, of exceptional musical quality. A small company was born and it is with enthusiasm that it leads its boat and takes its musicians to various countries.


The compositions... Thanks to her musical experience and her recognized talent, she has the firm will to share with the public her own writings and compositions in the form of an album. These are his first compositions after more than 25 years on stage as a cover artist.

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