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USA Media

Impressive style, Naty! Your song shows meticulous attention to detail, from the intricate piano work to the well-crafted lyrics. A true testament to your musical know-how! We'll be adding you to our two new playlists, where you can listen to the best emerging artists of the moment! Cheers!

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French Media

Hello, Pop rock music It's so good to hear a good pop rock song, the voice, the music, the whole !!!! Your track has been selected for airplay on our various radio stations.

Publisher Germany

Hello Naty, thank you for sharing your wonderful music with me. I love this track and your powerful voice. I love the emotion in the song.

USA Media

Impressive work, Naty! In your rock masterpiece, the synergy between vocals and instruments is nothing short of perfect. The contagious energy and thought-provoking lyrics set this song apart in the rock world. We'll be adding you to our two new lists, where we hope you'll hear the best emerging artists of the moment! Greetings!

Influencer Australia

Your voice is quite unique, I find your tone so rich. This piece showed so much more of your range and I'm even more impressed. The vocals are 10/10. The mixing and production are remarkable on this track. I see a lot of artists struggle with the quality of the mix, but it never seems to be a problem for you. Your songwriting is incredible. It's really reminiscent of Bon Jovi and Aerosmith, for whom I have great admiration. This melodic line is really incredible. I'm very impressed with the writing, from start to finish. 

Label Italy

Magnificent! It takes courage today to present an eight-minute track with such an important (and wonderful) solo, but it's thanks to courage that all artistic challenges, and more, are met and won! I don't know if you'll like this reference we're offering because it's a track from a very controversial album, namely Guns n Roses' “Chinese Democracy”, but we will tell you that we detected in the melodica a vague affinity with the magnificent “This I Love”. Anyway, congratulations! 

Label Italy

In “My baby” we find all the elements of value and prestige of the songs we've heard so far! Elegance in the writing, beautiful arrangements, great feeling in the band, excellent interpretation on your part and, in a word, excellent production! The song “My baby”, in particular, is also emotionally powerful... it's like listening to a classic! 

Label Spain

A song with a touch of bluesy rock, with organic sounds, like that electric guitar - what a riff, we loved it! Your voice is powerful, well-crafted, sensual, sexy, telling a story, just the way we like it! We love these songs where the sounds of the instruments are so organic, with the power they carry. Congratulations! Have a great day!

Playlist Czech Republic

The magic of the musical line enchanted me to the core..... I love the dreamy atmosphere of the song and the gentle dynamics. The noble female voice gives me goose bumps, you're a great singer! 

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